Project Day Report #1

Here is my progress on my projects. I have been completing them while listening on youtube to a reading of The Secret Garden which I put on during long kitchen tasks. One of my favorites as a child and still is I guess. I started with Chapt. 19 and that is when the Yorkshire boy visits the bedbound boy bringing a lamb, a fox, and crow and some other bird. I have to admit I laughed out loud at the idea of those creatures going into a Downton Abbey type of mansion.

The yarn is spun and made into a 3 ply skein. Next it will be soaked in warm slightly soapy water to relax it and help the fibers to coalesce together a bit.We call it setting the twist. After it soaks for a half hour I will gently rinse it and then spin it in the clothes washer- no water, no agitation or it would felt-and then hang it to dry.

3 ply on bobbin

Finn/silk chain plyed for 3 ply yarn on its bobbin

skein on wool winder

Finn/silk chain plyed for 3 ply yarn on its bobbin



I bought this wool winder years ago on

Prince Edward Island and have enjoyed using it for the

purpose for which it was intended. Likely homemade,

square nails and lightly in pencil it says

“Mrs. Mary Mc” Wish I could see the whole last name.

skein of finn silk 3 ply

3 oz Finn Silk yarn prior to soaking

It is cloudy today and I like to burn candles on damp cloudy days as can be seen in the skein picture.

She’s at it again:cat and yarn


The bread is rising! I added raisins and cinnamon

sourdough raisin bread rising

The wool is in its last soak. Not too exciting to see. Once I also spin it in the washer to be drier I will take a picture.

On to this afternoon’s project and tea and cookies. Will report when I am done.



4 thoughts on “Project Day Report #1

  1. Lori

    Fun to see how you are spending your free day. I think Fridays are great for just that.
    Here it is flurry-ing and so I am going to also settle into some project (finishing????) work. I love that your kitty is compelled to insert herself into your space and time. Amen for those things they do to make us smile! Where are you teaching this week? Have fun!

    Liked by 1 person


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