I’ve been knitting since childhood, avidly spinning and pursuing many fiber activities since 1996 and love to spend time with animals that create our spinning fibers. I live with my husband and cat in a house in New England built in the 1830s. Our one acre property includes a barn and a hen house for our pampered chickens who provide us with eggs that feed us and droppings that feed my flowers and vegetables. I work part time as an Occupational Therapist. I enjoy teaching fiber preparation and spinning and creating yarns and dyed spinning fibers for sale as part of Eagle Lake Fibers. Our Etsy shop is found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/EagleLakeFibers



I throw in some soap making  and gardening too.

I am enjoying writing a blog mostly about these interests.   For me it also  provides a total break from the negative news we continually hear in this world. I will write about the animals, projects, serendipitous happenings, and anything else that comes to mind!