Project Day Final Report 3/4/16

Project Day sped by and sadly is over. I am happy with the results.

The bread is ready to go into the oven for dinner.

bread risen

Sourdough Raisin Bread

The hemming has begun. Even with less than perfect beginning stitches.

hemming beginning

The spinning class has been prepared. Here are 2 of the new spinners bobbins from last week. I always love the first thing people make no matter what it is. There is so much life energy in these things. They are made with the hope that comes with a new experience, earnest effort, some frustration while learning a new skill, and this very organic item results. No, not evenly spun, yes, twisty- but it is a first effort and has that unique charm.

first spinning

The yarn was spun and the wool washed.

Wensleydale and yarn drying

Steve just put brought in chicken eggs from the coop and put them on the table as I was focused on writing. I didn’t notice them until- guess who did this.

cat and egg

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