January Joys

Here are some things that I am enjoying and appreciating as January  so quickly draws to a close.

Luxurious home made soap given to me by a friend. These are way beyond anything I have made or probably could make.


Luxurious hand made soap

A gorgeous winter sunset we happened upon as we left Tractor Supply with chicken feed.

Jan sunset

January sunset in Taunton MA


The fun of getting ready to teach our second workshop this month which means our second opportunity early in 2016 to get unsuspecting people addicted to spinning and fiber. Sure, they know they are coming to an introductory spinning workshop. They don’t know it is about to captivate them and take over their lives.

tools fibers for Jan workshop

Let the magic begin!

Sourdough bread taking over my kitchen since I can’t stop making it. Talk about magic!

sourdough breads

Sourdough waffles, rolls, bread and bubbling yeasty smelling starter to make more.

The cutest sheep hat in the world made just for me.

sheep hat

Ewes and lambs

A typically nervy cat. She has learned that  she isn’t to eat our food as we eat it much as she wants to. But apparently she isn’t against pushing the boundaries with my water and this time getting away with it using the element of quiet surprise. Of course she has a bowl of her own! What she is doing maybe isn’t a joy but the amusement, companionship and love she provides is.

cat drinking my water

Thankfully we have a dishwasher.

Here is hoping everyone has many of their own joys this month.


4 thoughts on “January Joys

    1. Betsy Alspach Post author

      Much as I love my cats I don’t want to share food or drink with them so that glass went into the dishwasher right away. Although once I was eating a tuna sandwich, the phone rang and in a split second my cat Growlbert was, as I often told him, being an opportunist, and jumped up and took a bite out of it. I needed to leave soon so I cleanly cut off the section he bit and some extra and did eat the rest.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Maile Jones

    What a beautiful bunch of joys! Thanks for sharing them. Gorgeous batt. Perfect hat for you. Kitties like variety and small spaces. Happily, their curiosity is an inspiration for us.
    Have a great workshop!
    You are taking really nice photos, Betsy.

    Liked by 2 people


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