I find that I don’t have words to express my feelings about the terrorism currently racing around our world. We all have many feelings but to just name them isn’t all that helpful and mine are not unique. Being the ever practical person that I am destined to be my first thought is “what can be done, what can I do?” Nothing that seems all that largely effective has come to me.

Every November the people of faith in Sharon MA hold an interfaith Thanksgiving service. Last night the service was held at the Catholic Church and there was standing room only. A few days ago a deep layer of sadness was added to this community when a young Jewish man was killed by a terrorist in Israel.

As one part of last night’s service the rabbi from Temple Israel, a Conservative Synagogue and the Imam from the Islamic Center in Sharon stood together and spoke to all of us in unity.

Their actions and words made practical sense to me. To summarize their words would only diminish them. I have copied a letter the Imam wrote after the killing of this young man. Above it from facebook is Rabbi Ron Fish’s response. I have heard it has gone viral.

After you read it please scroll way down to my last thoughts. I tried to move them up but wasn’t successful and right now little annoyances aren’t that important to me.


 Rabbi Ron Fish:

My heart is so profoundly touched by this expression of grief and shared humanity from our Muslim neighbors here in Sharon. I am grateful for leaders and friends like Imam Ahmed.

I know it helps me to picture this unity. Sometimes it feels as if it is all that we have. But maybe from that great place we can discern the little steps that each of us must take to help this changed world.

As Bono of U2 says in his song One:

One life with each other: sisters, brothers.
One life, but we’re not the same.
We get to carry each other, carry each other

4 thoughts on “Unity

  1. Betsy Alspach Post author

    Thank you. National news! Did you see Steve? New England Cable News covered it briefly and we saw him seated. Do you know Randy Kafka from her days in Worcester? Sandy does. Randy spoke.


  2. Laura

    Thank you so much for your kind and caring words here and for passing on Imam Ahmed’s. I will be hearing echoes of Bono’s words on my way home from work now. I’m so glad we have each other’s friendship.

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  3. Betsy Alspach Post author

    Thank you. Such a different world than when we were placed together at freshman roommates! Bonds with family and friends are unbreakable no matter what is going on outside of them. We are so lucky.



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