Autumn Leaves and Lessons

In early October I decided that twice a week I would get up before the chickens, Lilac, Marigold and Daisy-Dandy, to watch and appreciate the sunrise.

I sat on my deck steps and waited. I watched to the east where I had noticed beautiful colors other early mornings while going to get the paper before work.

But there was no special color in the sky and it got brighter. I was disappointed.  I waited a few minutes, looked up again, and there was still no colorful sunrise. But then I saw the red, orange and yellow autumn leaves on the trees. The red geraniums next to the barn. Hmmm- plenty of rich color when I stopped feeling disappointed about what I had hoped to see and looked at the other good things around me. One of those life lessons that I need to be reminded about over and over.

Autumn in New England

Autumn leaves in Massachusetts on the granite bench next to the barn

To be honest I did not get myself out there again as I had pledged. But I never get tired of looking at the beautifully colored autumn leaves around me.

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